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Bumps, Babies and Beyond

About Busy Mommy

Update: As of March 2013, I am no longer updating this blog. I have started my own blog focusing on “third culture” issues and how our family is dealing with it as expats. I hope you’ll continue reading about our expat life at the new blog. You can read the new blog at:


About Me:
Greetings! Welcome to Bumps, Babies & Beyond. I decided to write this blog to blab about our life as an expat family living in Dubai. This is our 2nd expat post and hopefully not our last. I believe life experiences are the building blocks of a child’s life. Hopefully our children will appreciate life in Dubai and all that it has to offer. When our time is up, we’ll move on…and the adventure continues!

About Bumps, Babies & Beyond:
Having a baby in a foreign land (in my case, Dubai) brings up so many questions:
How much does it cost to have a baby?
Are the medical facilities any good?
Will my husband be allowed in the delivery room?
Will my child get (insert country here) citizenship?

The questions don’t stop once the baby is born either.
Where can I find cheap diapers?
Is it OK to breastfeed in public?
How do I get a passport and residence visa for the baby?

It’s enough to make you go…ARGGHH! I set up this blog to share my experiences as a pregnant mother of 2 in Dubai. If I can do it, anyone can (believe me).

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