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Bumps, Babies and Beyond

Bumps, Babies and Beyond

What’s Next for Dubai?

by Busy Mommy - May 3, 2013

One thing I love about Dubai is that Sheikh Mohammed, the ruler of the Emirate, really doesn’t think there is anything out of reach. Every week a new initiative is… Read more…

I Spy With My Little Eye

by Busy Mommy - October 29, 2012

My husband and I are the type of parents that outwardly say “we trust you” to our children, but we really don’t. He and I have discussed at length the… Read more…

Categories: Mommy Issues

The Entertainer Vouchers Going to Waste…Again

by Busy Mommy - October 3, 2012

It’s already October and once again we’ve hardly used any of the vouchers in our Entertainer Family book. We get the book every year and end up using enough vouchers… Read more…

Categories: General, Shopping

Crazy Mom at Table 9

by Busy Mommy - September 12, 2012

Last Friday we went to the Organic Foods & Cafe brunch at Dubai Mall. We normally don’t do brunches but our family is on a mission to use more vouchers… Read more…

Categories: Mommy Issues

My Son’s 5th Grade Teacher is…

by Busy Mommy - September 9, 2012

Superwoman! I don’t mean to boast, but last night I read the welcome letter from my son’s teacher and this woman sounds pretty awesome. The first thing that came to… Read more…

Categories: General

Essentials for Japanese Expats in Dubai

by Busy Mommy - September 6, 2012

I’ve finally found the information for the Japanese playgroup and language group. This information is probably easy to find for Japanese expats from Japan, but for people like me who… Read more…

Getting Ready for Pre-School

by Busy Mommy - September 6, 2012

For weeks I’ve been reading my friends’ status updates on Facebook and Twitter … every one of them that has kids has been counting down the days until the kids… Read more…

Reconnecting with my Japanese Heritage…in Dubai?!

by Busy Mommy - August 28, 2012

I’m not sure if I’ve made this clear or not but I love being Japanese. I love Japanese food, Japanese variety TV shows, J-Pop music and most of all the… Read more…

Do I LOOK Like I’m Pregnant?!?

by Busy Mommy - August 27, 2012

People always say that pregnant women are “radiant,” “glowing” and “beautiful.” I’m not sure I agree either way, but the last 3 times I’ve been asked if I was pregnant… Read more…

Categories: General, Mommy Issues

Funny Busy Family Quotes

by Busy Mommy - August 16, 2012

I swear some days I wish we had a film crew documenting our lives. I know most families have their funny moments but my family is like a side show…. Read more…