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September 2016
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Buenos Aires through my eyes

Spring is here, wouldn’t you know?!

September 22, 2016

On the morning of 21 September I was woken up by repeated beeping of my Argentine wife’s cell phone letting us know that new messages arrived. One, two, three… five… ten…13… is there no end to this, and what is the emergency?

It turned out that the topic of all the messages was the same: “Feliz el primer día de la primavera!” – Happy first day of Spring. Later I learned that the day is for some a holiday – schools are out, some businesses (like my nearby medical centre) close down, and many festivities, not all ending all that happily, were reported on television.

Argentina has passion for holiday and there is never a shortage of good or lame reasons to have one. Why not, why not having fun, as long as you do not expect that it will be at someone else’s expense?  But that is likely too much to ask for – cultural habits acquired over generations are not easy to change. Cambiemos, anyone?


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