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March 2016
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Buenos Aires through my eyes

Cynical Buenos Aires

March 7, 2016

The other day I chanced to see something  I am not likely ever to forget.

On one of the busy avenues of Buenos Aires there was a torso of a young man sitting propped up in a wheelchair. No legs, no arms. With ribbons attached to arm stumps he opened and closed a money box attached to his chest. His face showed strength and confidence, his eyes were bright. Next to him sitting very still was a man holding a white stick. What a partnership, legs, arms and eyes complementing each other.

When I related this story to an acquaintance from Buenos Aires the response was: “White stick? He probably was not blind. There is a lot of things like that going on.”

It looks like that after decades of corruption, cheating and lies at the highest level, cynicism has become a normal response. All I could say was: “The man without arms and legs was not faking it, I am sure!”



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