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Buenos Aires through my eyes

Underneath the Arches

December 21, 2015


I read that Argentina railway network was at the end of the 2nf World War some 47,000 km long, and was one of the most extensive and prosperous in the World. And to this day, it stands as a living monument to the skills an d hard work of immigrants from Europe who built it. Impressive. 

Flanagan & Allen had a similar experience many, many years ago about railway  somewhere near Derby (I read, and that it has been largely neglected.

Underneath the arches,
We dream our dreams away,
Underneath the arches,
On cobblestones we lay.
Back to back we’re sleeping,
Tired out and Worn,
Happy when the daylight comes creeping,
Heralding the dawn.

Quite a few homeless in Buenos Aires living “underneath the arches” also call it their home.


Sleeping when it’s raining,
And sleeping when it’s fine,
Trains rattling by above.
Pavement is my pillow,
No matter where I roam,
Underneath the arches,
We dream our dreams of home.

But the arches, “arcos”, mostly very well preserved, are also being put to good, commercial use. Here are few photos.





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