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My name is Maleena. I love to travel, but now it is time for me to discover my home town of Brisbane and hopefully portray it as a great city to visit. More Info

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Flooding in South East Queensland

March 7, 2012

Hello again, I am so sorry for the delay between posts.

We have started the year off with a lot of rain in Brisbane and some flooding, not as much flooding as last year so far but we have still had road closures in some areas.  It seems that New South Wales and Victoria are getting most of the flooding at the moment.

Gympie (2hours north of Brisbane) has had flood waters rise up to local businesses and some evacuations have happened around the town.

Here are some volunteers setting up sand bags around the town of Gympie.

Wivenhoe Dam let out water to drop down to 75% to prevent flooding this year and so far it has seemed to have worked.

We have had rain in Brisbane basically everyday for a while now.  The sun will be shining in the morning and then by afternoon it will get dark and the rain will start.  Summer has been basically non existent this year, hopefully we will have a better Autumn.

Today in Brisbane.

by Maleena. Find out more about Maleena here.

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