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Former city-loving Mancunian writer and teacher, a motorbike-loving ex-transport officer, a boy and their assorted animals move to une fermette en France. More Info

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March 2017
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See you Manchester, bonjour Charente


About the blog

The life and times of a city girl as she moves from the rain-soaked, grey streets of Manchester to the sunlight and clean air of La Charente.

Emma is a senior examiner for a major exam board; she also writes les manuals scolaires. She has a loud ‘Manchester Whisper’, a handful of city-girl habits and a wardrobe of suits she’s had to leave behind. She now spends most of her days chicken wrangling, making endless jam and checking lettuces. Emma mostly misses the Benefit counter in Selfridges, teppanyaki bars and Chinatown.

She moved to the Charente in the midst of credit crunch angst, despite any logic whatsoever, bringing with her an ancient cat, The Man and The Boy.  She adopted two dogs, Tilly – an American spaniel, and Saffy – a Cocker spaniel. Sadly, on the 17th February 2011, the ancient cat passed away and is now hunting mice in the great mouse-hunt in the sky. He was followed 10 days later by Miss Saffy. Unfortunately, all you can sometimes do with an adopted dog is love it, and sometimes for a very short time indeed. Two cats joined the pack, then four new chickens, then a blind cat, then a new puppy. Never say never to more animals!

As of July 2012, Emma is accompanied by Tilly, Noireau, Heston and the Corrie Girls.

Emma’s ‘other’ blog can be found at wordpress

Some details of her published writing can be found here