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October 2015
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AngloINFO Bogota Top 10

Top 10 Colombian leyends

October 1, 2015

In the month of October there is one thing in most people’s minds, costumes, partying and scary stories. But we all know about Frankenstein and headless riders and even sparkly vampires. This month you can learn some local scary stories from around Colombia to get you inspired.

  1. La Llorona: The spirit of a woman who drowned with her newborn baby, product of infidelity. She is seen carrying the infant in wooded areas and near the water. She doesn’t hurt anyone but her crying is enough to scare you straight.
  2. La Patasola: This spirit lost her leg when her husband caught her with another man, she died and is now a one legged spirit that roams the night looking for men to eat with her fangs. She looks beautiful at a distance but like a best from up close. The best way to protect yourself from her is to surround yourself with dogs and house animals, or to get hold of an axe, since she fears losing her remaining leg.
  3. La bola de fuego: This myth comes from the eastern region of Colombian known as los llanos, where the sun seems to touch down on the ground at sunset. This ball of fire that burns everything as it rolls through the plains is the spirit of a mother who killed her own child, and must now pay the punishment.
  4. El Mohan: This legend trails the route of the Magdalena river, the creature is playful but dangerous, covered in thick dark hair and with sharp claws. He enjoys music and drinking and women, which is why he shows up at the river banks and grabs the women he like to bring back to his lair.
  5. El hombre Caiman: One of the most popular leyends, the inspiration for a song, the alligator man was a guy who loved spying on naked women as they bathed in the river. In order to go undetected he got a potion to turn him into an alligator and another to turn him back into a human. By accident he spilled the latter, mostly on the ground with some landing on his head. After that he was forever turned into an alligator with a human face
  6. El Silbon: A spirit paying for having killed his father, in some versions of the story he carries a bag of bones, in others he is chased by an angry dog. His main trait is that you can hear him whistle in the night, and if you hear him close he is far away, but if you hear him far he is right next to you.
  7. El sombrero: This ghoul from Medellín and the Antioquia region has been seen on the side of lonely roads late at night. Well dressed, wearing all black and a big black hat, he chases after drunks and party people threatening to put his hat on them. His companions are two large black dogs he holds with thick chains.
  8. La madre monte: This woman is the spirit of Mother Nature, she is dressed in leaves and moss and when seen rivers flood and the earth shakes. She is known for punishing trespassers and people who damage the environment.
  9. La Muelona: Beautiful woman that waits for men on the side of the road. She seduces them and then kills them with her very large teeth that resemble a horse’s. She goes after drunks, gambles and cheaters.
  10.    Ekeko: Small furry beast from the Amazon region, he punishes people who go into the jungle damaging plants and animals. He is popular for having his feet backwards, so people follow his footsteps trying to get out of the jungle and instead are lured deeper in to be never again found.

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