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September 2015
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AngloINFO Bogota Top 10

Top 10 Schools in the city

September 1, 2015

For both expats and locals one of the most important concerns and decisions is choosing a school for their children. Whether you are new in town or having your first kid, you always want to make sure they have the best education available and with the many choices that exist in the city and the country it’s sometimes hard to tell which is the best. 

This year, the Education Ministry came up with a new synthetic index of education quality, ISCE for the words in Spanish, that comes as a tool far more complete than the Pruebas Saber 11 formerly known as ICFES to rank the different institutions in the country. Other factors like progress from previous year results, efficiency in terms of how many kids are at the expected level, performance in tests and school environment.

This is the Ranking for the Top 10 private schools in Bogota in 2005:

1. Colegio Los Nogales

2. Gimnasio Colombo Británico

3. Liceo Navarra

4. Instituto Alberto Merani

5.  Colegio Anglo Americano

6. Gimnasio Vermont

7. Colegio Santa Francisca Romana

8. Colegio San Jorge de Inglaterra

9.  Colegio Emanuel Dalzon

10. Colegio Calasanz

For more information about education in Colombia and the school system, check our Information pages. For listings of international schools in the city check out our Business Directory. To find out how your kid’s school ranks, check out the report here.

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