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May 2016
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Living in Bogotá, the home of Batman and Flash

May 6, 2016

Bogota funny names

You probably don’t know this, but Bogotá is nothing short of fantastic: it is the city where Batman and Flash live. Literally.

Two Colombian brothers who live in Bogotá have truly fantastic names: Batman Roberto Camargo Salcedo and Pink Floyd Flash Camargo. It’s a true and public fact. According to news reports, their parents took the very bold move of allowing their very young children to choose their own names. One chose Batman Roberto, and the other one chose Pink Floyd Flash, in a tribute to the band and also to the hero, Flash Gordon… Really.

Batman en Colombia








But it doesn’t end here. Colombians can be even more creative than Brazilians when naming their children… And that is saying a lot.

The first name of Falcao, the nation’s most reputed football player, is Radamel. Yes, Radamel. Sounds a bit too pharmaceutical, right? Now, are there many Colombians who are called Radamel? No, not at all, but why go with the flow, when you can get a really original name like that?

Yes, fascinating indeed. But it gets very complicated as well. For example, the name ‘John’ is very common in Colombia, but with a particularity: here, it’s ‘Jhon’ and not ‘John’. Why? Well, if you’re still asking why, the next paragraph will clear any doubts.

In Colombia, some people are named ‘Aisenjawer’, as in Eisenhower. Why not go with the original version? Because Aisenjawer is far more creative. It’s Eisenhower with a delightful Colombian twist.

But it doesn’t end there. In Colombia, you may also be introduced to Burkuba, Diminson, Edingally, Fligser, Giezzi, Zubarra and Gunnaringumu. Now let that sink in for a minute. Gunnaringumu. Not easy to say and even less easy to memorize.

And it gets even more challenging. Imagine suddenly meeting Dixner Dishmer, Beilor Gampool, Deglys Glee, Yugunothwer Misinjawer, Chrisdaeldis Yiralderis, Dabielis Flamerys, Ennyanosky Aphsaid, Gunnawi Yekun, Lulitza Lisailis, Quinnie Nastasja or Yacunah Zumac Yaxche.

I know. By now, you feel lost, confused and amazed. The good news is that all these people with very exotic names tend to be called by shorter and simpler versions of their extremely unique names. And, if you’re in trouble, now that you know that he is around, you can always call Batman.

Written by: Miggy, check out his site for more from him.

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