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Finding my way as an expat in Singapore. I was a middle class business woman in Real Estate, from New Jersey with two kids 18 and 7. To being a full time stay at home mom and homemaker (with no helper!) More Info

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Everyday Shopping in Singapore as an Expat

April 8, 2015

Hello Friends, today I’m a hot mess! It’s almost been a year and I’m still finding it very hard to just run to the store and grab a few things I need. Nothing is in one place, I find myself having to Google EVERYTHING!! Today I was on a mission to buy a hair dryer. As simple as that may sound it was not as easy as going to the local mall. (did that and failed) 2 hours later I went online and found a place that sells beauty supply’s $75 and a half hour drive later I found the hair dryer I was so desperately searching for. If I can give any of you a piece of advice this would be it, find the address on line of what you need before trying to get lucky  in a mall or grocery store. This will eliminate so much stress, BELIEVE ME!

by Tara Lynn. Find out more about Tara Lynn here.

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