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October 2011
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Big Dog Zola

Forest Play on the Plateau de la Justice, Eze

October 3, 2011

Sometimes we go to the forest park where we can have some fun on the fitness trail in our own doggie way!

This time we went to Plateau de la Justice in Eze. Map.

There are some good jumps on this trail and it is also nice and easy for Vikki to walk whilst she is getting her strength back.  The forest park is great since I can also do a lot of sniffing and running around as my prize between each exercise challenge.

Warm ups:

Then come the jumps…yippee!

A few more for luck….

Some free-time to listen for the squirrels ;)

Then a game of ‘Zola Find Me!’  Although, I must say Vikki is not very good at hiding and it doesn’t take me long (seconds!) to know exactly where she is!

Errrr…I wonder where Vikki is?

After more exploring,  I enjoy a moment’s paws for thought…

…and a whisper from Vikki…

Happy and well-exercised it’s time to head back home :-D

by Big Dog Zola. Find out more about Big Dog Zola here.

One Response to “Forest Play on the Plateau de la Justice, Eze”

  1. Hi There,

    Nice pics and great post. When have you been there, plateu de justice ? It used to be one of my liked running places, but last time I went there, as I wanted to approach from the military road, the whole area was fenced around with yellow electric wire. There was no chance to pass.

    Thanks for the Info