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February 2016
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Beyond Bogota

Let’s Talk Colombian Nightlife

February 6, 2016


During my time in Colombia, I had some wildly fun nights while indulging in the nightlife.  My three favorite cities to party in were Medellin, Bogota and Barranquilla.  In this article, I will give an overview and a recommendation for each city.

My first stop in Colombia was Medellin.  I rarely stay in hostels, but my plan was to stay the first two nights in a hostel until finding an apartment.  Upon arriving, things changed fast.  The people in the hostel were awesome and on my same level!  The name of the hostel was International House Medellin.  It is not the best location and the owner isn’t that cool, but the group we had was legendary.  There were Europeans, Canadians, Africans, Mexicans, Argentinians and some of us Americans.

What was meant to be 2 days ended up turning into almost 3 weeks.  The moments we shared were unforgettable and the laughter was nonstop.  During that time, I made friends for life. Our favorite place to party was El Poblado.  Mostly all foreigners have heard of El Poblado.  It fills up every night in Parque Lleras and everyone hits up the surrounding clubs to dance.  My favorite music for dancing is electronic. 

There is a gem in El Poblado that brings in international DJs.  The name of the place is Salon Amador.  It is not very big, but it is a fun scene.  They have a little outdoor area for smoking with attached bathrooms.  On weekend nights, the place gets packed and the dance floor is always full.

After my epic time in Medellin, I ventured to Bogota to stay for a month.  This was my first of several trips to Bogota.  When I got there, I booked a hotel room in the Candelaria.  The second night of being there a couple Canadian friends of mine invited me out. The name of the event was “Gringo Tuesdays” in Zona T.  It was a little far from my hotel.  The taxi driver even got lost on the way, but he was nice enough not to charge me for the lost portion of the ride.  When I arrived, it was only around 9pm and the place was already packed.

The name Gringo Tuesdays held true because the place was full of gringos from all over the world and a lot of local Colombians.  The overall scene was great, full of energy and people dancing.  Aguardiente being passed around, fun times. The club has two floors and the cool part is the second level has an open roof.  This keeps the smell of smoke to a minimum and the air fresh when dancing upstairs.  The downstairs section gets really crowded.  There is a big stage for everyone to dance on.

My first night there, my friends ordered a bottle of whiskey and were sitting in the corner on the stage.  It was a magical night to say the least.  My arrival in Bogota had been just as incredible as my arrival in Medellin.

Deeper into my journey, I decided to spend a little over a month in Barranquilla. I found a nice apartment and decided to meet a couple friends there.  The climate change was drastic after spending cool nights and days in Bogota.  Barranquilla was hot, it reminded me of the Dominican Republic.  Both places are Caribbean.  The cool part was seeing how diverse the cities and people were within the same country.

Since it was so hot during the day, most of my time outside was during the night.  T

hat was okay because Barranquilla has a great nightlife.  There is a variety of different clubs and music to choose from every night.

My favorite place was named, Frogg Leggs.  The club has a big dance floor and a nice outdoor section before entering the club.  Every time I went there, the place was packed with people having a good time.  It was never hard to find someone to dance with or start a conversation.  It was definitely my kind of club.

If you are thinking of visiting Colombia and enjoy the nightlife make sure to hit up these spots.  A lot people go to Colombia only to see Medellin.  This is a HUGE mistake.  Sure Medellin is fun, but there is so much more to Colombia than Medellin.  I learned that the hard way, don’t do what I did.  Happy travels and enjoy Colombia!  The country will always hold a special place in my heart.

Written by: Pete, check him out here.

by AI_Bogota. Find out more about AI_Bogota here.