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Living in Berlin is not simple in general. but mostly if you are an immigrant. Then you find out you represent the whole nation without even applying for the job... To be an Israeli woman in Berlin, what does it mean? Talking about community life and criticism from back home. Stay and read about the city of dreams... More Info

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June 2016
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Berlin - City of Dreams

Breaking Walls in Berlin

June 23, 2016

When we live in a conflict country, we live our lives in fear and misstrust. We do not recognize the other side as human.

We, at ‘Breaking Walls in Berlin,’ aim at connecting people from conflict countries and bring them to talk and know each other. We want to stop the hatred and listen to other people. We believe it is possible.

How do we intend to do it? We already started our activity in Berlin, Germany, with a project called ‘Conflict and Food Nights,’ where we bring panel members from different sides of a specific conflict to discuss unique perspectives of the matters in dispute.

We plan to continue with these nights, as well as with other projects, but we need your help to do so. 

When you donate money to this project, you are helping to create our planned trainings for people who work with refugees or people who wish to spread the word and manage Conflict and Food nights in neutral countries.

When you donate money to this project, you are also helping us to create the infrastructure for registration as an NGO in Berlin, so we can raise funds for our ‘Eyes Closed Wide’ book project, a collection of stories from all over the world - the stories that brought peace to individuals and can inspire peace actions in other parts of the world. We want to show the moments that we lived when standing in front of a person who we perceived as a monster, the thoughts we had and, most importantly, the ways we found to win the hatred.

When you donate money to this project, you are also helping us to create the infrastructure to raise more funds for our ‘Memorial Center’ project, where people will come not only to learn about the past, but also to express their opinions and offer solutions. They will be able to learn about war crimes in Syria, genocide in Iraq, Ukraine and Armenia as well as the Jewish Holocaust, genocide in African countries and former Yugoslavia and many more.

Me and you, we can be the bridge to a better world. As soon as we reach our goal, we can start the process of changing the future, and the world, together.

Thank you.

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by Tal Shalev. Find out more about Tal Shalev here.

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