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Belle is a writer and communications professional who is giving up her home, her job and her social life in London to start afresh in Belgium with her partner. This blog chronicles the highs and lows of her journey into life as an expat. More Info

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August 2015
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Belle goes to Belgium: The Expat Chronicles

Four Seasons in One Day

August 4, 2015

There is perhaps some irony in the fact that, yesterday, whilst languorously sunning myself on the terrace in the 28 degree evening heat, I thought: “I must write another Angloinfo blog about the inability of Brussels residents to be positive about the weather”. But then, right on cue, I awoke this morning to the sound of rain against the window pane, and a curtain of fog that hung so low it dragged its knuckles on the pavement.

I think the fact I hail from England – itself a place of unsettled climes, as likely as Brussels to deliver sun on one day and rain the next – has a lot to do with my acceptance of the Brussels climate. Each summer, whether there or here, I feel grateful for each sunny day, and try to keep them in mind on the not so good ones. Certainly that ‘stiff upper lip’ attitude is serving me well on the continent!

With characteristic indecisiveness, today has now turned out to be quite pleasant, the curtain of fog having lifted to reveal a less tempestuous sky, with even the odd glimpse of sunshine breaking through the still-slightly-foreboding cumulonimbus clouds. But nonetheless I have my umbrella to hand – four seasons in one day isn’t just a song by Crowded House, here (and in England) it’s a way of life!


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