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A blog about rescuing animals, animal welfare programs, education in animal welfare, and day-to-day life in BAWA Bali. Written by Bali Animal Welfare Association, a non-profit organization registered in Bali, dedicated to improving the lives of animals. More Info

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December 2012
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Please Help CINTA Find a Home – A plea for help!

December 20, 2012

Last month, we received e-mail from a BAWA supporter who is seeking a loving home for a friendly dog that she rescued last year. We receive emails and calls of this type every day of the week. Just like the dog in this letter, there are many other dogs that are forced to live their lives on chains – they are stressed, often sick and sadly sometimes die at the end of a chain. Unfortunately there are still so many people in Bali who think that chaining their dogs is OK – they are really not aware that they are causing immense suffering.

At BAWA, we believe that awareness-raising and education are the most important components in addressing animal welfare issues in Bali. Because of poor understanding of animal welfare issues, there is a high degree of suffering in Bali’s animal population.

BAWA staff will certainly do their best help Cinta find a new home. But, we can not do this work by ourselves. We need you and more people to spread the message of the importance of animal welfare and to save the lives of many dogs like Cinta.

Below is the letter from Cinta’s rescuer.

I am desperate to find a home for our Cinta.  My friend and I found her on the street when she was very young and took her to our home in Penestanan Kaja.  She had been badly hurt and was blind in one eye.  We nursed her back to health, gave her all her injections and treated her for her severe skin problem.

When I was here in Bali last year, I asked someone from BAWA to come and have a look at her as her Demodex skin problem was getting worse because she had been tied up at our Balinese friends’ village and was very stressed.
I suggested they put her in a walled area with a house, behind one of our Balinese friend’s house that he regularly rents out to guests.

Bawa staff talked to our friend about not tying her up, to help her stay healthy and have less stress in her life and allow her to run free in this compound.
Out friend did do this for a while until his guests didn’t want Cinta to stay with them.

So again our friend kept her tied up in his compound.

My friend and I have just come to Bali again after a year back in Australia, to find our Cinta’s demodex worse than when we left her last year.
Our Balinese friend said that he’s been doing all he can medically – giving her a special wash each week, tablets twice each day and medicine in her food.  But, while she is tied up she is stressed and her skin is constantly hot and her demodex never gets better.

I have tried for several months to find her a home in Bali but nobody wants to take her in  and love her like we do. Maybe because she is not perfect and a bit of a challenge.

If I can’t find a home for her soon I may have to have her put down, as she is miserable being tied up all the time.
As much as our friend says he will help Cinta and walk her each day, she is not as important to him as she is to my Australian friend and me. I do understand he has a busy life.

Please help us find someone who will take her in, who has time to get her well and love her, who has a safe garden around their house?

Cinta is a very friendly black and white bali dog who just needs a break!

by Bali Dog. Find out more about Bali Dog here.