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I’m an aspiring writer, or ‘wannabe’ if you like, I love to put what’s in my head down on “paper” then onto here for you all to enjoy. More Info

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Aye Right!

Aye Right!

Friends in Lyon?

March 5, 2013 by Louise McG

For the past few months I’ve been feeling a little saddened by the fact that I have no close friends here in Lyon. As much as I want to settle… Read more…

Categories: Expat Life

French Women and Fashion

February 16, 2013 by Louise McG

Type into Google Images the above phrase and you will find thousands of images of sophisticated looking women dressed in outfits that you would usually see on catwalks in New York, Milan,… Read more…

Categories: Expat Life

Those Dutch, eh?

February 5, 2013 by Louise McG

I lived in Amsterdam, Holland for quite a few years, its a wonderful city, the lifestyle, (…and no, I, like most Dutch people have no time for the seedier side… Read more…

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Raise a Glass to Rabbie Burns

January 25, 2013 by Louise McG

Here’s a bottle and an Honest Friend- Robert Burns Here’s, a bottle and an honest friend!What wad ye wish for mair, man?Wha kens, before his life may end,What his share… Read more…

Categories: Scotland

Baguettes, Croissants and Pastries.

January 23, 2013 by Louise McG

I went to the bakers twice today, I spent €10.40 in total. I know, thats ridiculous, isn’t it? But wait, thats not the best/worst of it, today when I left… Read more…

Categories: Expat Life

We’re Everywhere!

January 19, 2013 by Louise McG

A few weeks ago I was on the metro (underground), it was pretty quiet, about 7pm at night…random and not relevant. Anyway, the stop after I got on two people… Read more…

Categories: Scotland

My Glasgow

January 19, 2013 by Louise McG

I’ve not lived in Glasgow for quite some years now…but it’ll always be home. I breathe a little easier when I get there. (That’s not to say I will ever live… Read more…

Categories: Scotland

Aye Right??

January 19, 2013 by Louise McG

I should introduce myself, I’m new to this site (but not to blogging) just incase you don’t fancy reading the about section of the blog. I’m Louise, an expat of… Read more…

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