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Austrian Yogini in Hong Kong


Eternal seeker of experience, between indulgence and discipline, extravagance and moderation. I love the small and big pleasures of this beautiful world. I love being alive, and being healthy is the basis of it all, but I also think that in order to live life to the fullest you have to be able to enjoy without guilt. Like Oscar Wilde’s famous quote says “I can resist everything except temptation”. I like to be out there and explore Hong Kong’s amazing culinary world, nightlife and culture, drink a glass of wine too much and party out too long in one of my favourite live music bars, but I take good care of myself too. Yoga helps me to stay connected with my body and soul, to dive into the stillness inside, where I don’t have to be anything except “be”. Daily life in this city can be exhausting, fast paced, loud and drain us at times, the urban chaos often numbs our sensitivity for what is truly good for us and where we should listen more carefully to our bodies and souls. I try to be aware of that and create a place inside of me, through healthy lifestyle choices and habits, to re-establish the harmony inside and share my inspirations and thoughts with others.

Kristina Judl is a yoga teacher living in Hong Kong.