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June 2014
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Dog in oven!

June 11, 2014

Please bear in mind:

NEVER, EVER leave a dog in a parked car in hot weather, not even for a short period of time!

Dogs, as well as cats, can get a heat stroke.

Even if the car is parked in the shade, the car quickly becomes a deadly trap to your dog as the sun moves. Leaving a dog cooped up in a closed car on a sunny day for only a few minutes can already be deadly.

A slightly open window is not enough to help it cool off! Already an environmental temperature of 20 degrees C° can be deadly! Why? Because the car can heat up to more than 50 degrees C° within minutes.




Read here about some livesaving hot weather tips for dogs!

First signs of heat stroke are*:

  • agitation,
  • tongue hanging far out of the month,
  • craned neck,
  • staggering,
  • weakness.

Treatment for heat stroke *:

A heat stroke is a medical emergency! The dog needs the skilled help of a vetenary without delay. First of all take it to a shady place and for at least 30′ slowly cool it down using cold and wet towels. If the dog is conscious – and only then – give him sips of water. An unconscious dog must be put into recovery position with its tongue hanging out.

(*) Source: Tasso e.V.

It’s a shame that this summer once again many dogs will cruelly die of a heat stroke, cooped up in the car. Don’t let this happen!

Help inform dog owners! Click  here to order free leaflets and posters (available in different languages) for distribution to arise awareness of the problem.  They will be sent to you right away, carriage paid. Last year I asked at the reception desks of shopping centers to pin up the posters and I left leaflets on the windshields of pet owners’ cars, etc. Bear in mind: you may save a dog’s life this way!

Sadly this collie died painfully in an overheated car. I know this picture is very hard to watch! Nevertheless I think it’s essential to publish it to rise awareness that you shouldn’t walk by indifferently when seeing dogs cooped up in cars in hot weather.

Thus don’t look away when witnessing a dog being ‘cooked’ in a car, telling yourself it’s not your concern. Animal protection is everyone’s concern!

If the pet owner can’t be found, call the police who will take the dog out of the oven.

Thanks in advance for your help  8-)




by Carte Blanche. Find out more about Carte Blanche here.

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