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February 2017
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Angloinfo World: Property

It’s time to get the house ready for spring!

February 22, 2017

March is supposed to be the start of the spring property rush. So, if you’re thinking of moving back to your second home or selling or letting your main home or second home, now is the time to get your property “in order”. Here are 10 tips to get you going:

Time to get the house ready for spring

1. Open the windows

As soon as you get a sunny, warm day, open the windows and doors and swap the fusty old winter air for something fresher!

Time to get the house ready for spring

2. Gutters and drains

Make sure all the soggy leaves and gunge is out of the gutters and that the downpipes are clear before April showers come along.

3. Clean the windows and sills

Wash away all the winter debris, soot and grime – there’s nothing worse than the sun shining through a grimey window!

Time to get the house ready for spring

4. Take a tour of your front and back garden

Time to think about the first cut of the lawn, to rake away the last of the fallen leaves, check plant supports and ties are in place, plant some colourful bedding plants, tidy up potted plants and throw out any unattractive or broken bits and pieces that have blown around or into the garden.

Time to get the house ready for spring

5. Power wash paths and driveway

If your paths are slippery, covered in moss and lichen and altogether looking a bit dark and dank, it’s time to cover up and get the jet spray out! Take care to fully cover your clothes and wear some glasses, to protect against small stones that could fly up in your face.

Time to get the house ready for spring

6. Have a garage clear out

There’s nothing more cathartic than a good spring clear out! If you’ve been storing up piles of “stuff” for the recycle centre, the charity shop, to sell on eBay, or to put out on your front garden for free, now is the time to put your clearing plans in to action. Check out your regional Angloinfo How To page for recycling information in the country where you live.

Time to get the house ready for spring

7. Wash the walls

No so long ago, people (mostly mums, grannies and aunties) used to wash the bathroom and kitchen walls each spring. Kitchen walls might be going too far, but washing the bathroom walls is a very good idea, especially if you suffer from mould related allergies. Try this natural spray recipe:

Time to get the house ready for spring

8. Sparkling carpets and curtains

There must be something secret in pro carpet cleaners’ washing ingredients because they always make carpets look much cleaner than if you do it yourself. If there’s a carpet cleaning service near you, it’ll be listed in the Business Directory on your local Angloinfo. Be careful washing curtains, the liner may be made of a different material to the main curtain. The outer might shrink, leaving the liner hanging down like a petticoat peeping out from under a skirt.

9. Check, repair and renew garden furniture

Remember the garden furniture that you stored away at the end of the autumn? Is it ready to sit on should you have a lovely sunny spring day? Or will you spend that lovely day cleaning it? Better to get it all organised on a not so nice day so that you relax in the sunshine when it comes.

Time to get the house ready for spring

10. Clean the chimney

“Chim-chim-i-ney, chim-chim-i-ney, chim-chim cheroo… in some places you have to clean out your flue!” The law in France, for example, states the person living in the property must organise an annual cleaning of the chimney if it’s in use. Check out the local property laws where you live at Angloinfo How To Guides.

Property preparation RESOURCES:


A great place to start looking for overseas property to buy or rent is Angloinfo Property,  where you can search by town or region, the number of beds, type of property, price and must-have features.



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