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8 fundamental factors to fulfil for a fantastic career

March 13, 2017

What does it really mean to have a fulfilling career? Is it all about the benefits and the salary? Or is there more to it than that? 

8 fundamental factors to fulfil for a fantastic career

In a recent survey of 857 organisations in the UK, 270,429 employees were asked to assess their level of agreement about eight factors in relation to the company they worked for.

The list of 857 organisations in The Sunday Times Best 100 Companies To Work For survey is interesting in itself for expats because many of the businesses have an overseas presence, but perhaps what is more interesting is the group of eight “fulfilling” factors.

The survey contained 70 questions, across the eight equally weighted work place factors (identified by employment researchers as being the most important for employees’ fulfilment in the UK). It was sent to a randomly selected group of staff in each organisation, and all staff in the small companies’ category.

Why is it so interesting? Because the eight factors potentially make useful criteria at the beginning of a job search; they could be useful for writing a cover letter; and if you’re successful gaining an interview they might form the basis of the kind of insightful questions hiring managers are looking for. The survey provides detailed information about each company including male/female ratio, average age, voluntary leavers and percentage earning over £35,000.

It would take a lot of research time to find out the kind of information that the survey provides for free.

8 fundamental factors to fulfil for a fantastic career

The parent company of each business participating in the survey provides input,but it’s the employee feedback that counts and determines the overall company rankings. Employees responded to each “fulfilling” factors by indicating their level of agreement on a seven-point scale ranging from “strongly disagree” (1) to “strongly agree” (7).

The 8 factors for a fulfilling career according to the The Sunday Times Best 100 Companies To Work For survey are:

  1. Leadership: How employees feel about the head of the company and its senior managers
  2. Wellbeing: How staff feel about the stress, pressure and the balance between their work and home duties
  3. Giving something back: How much companies are thought by their staff to put back into society generally and the local community
  4. Personal growth: To what extent staff feel they are stretched and challenged by their job
  5. My manager: How staff feel towards their immediate boss and day-to-day managers
  6. My company: Feelings about the company people work for as opposed to the people they work with
  7. My team: How staff feel about their immediate colleagues
  8. Fair deal: How happy the workforce is with their pay and benefits

8 fundamental factors to fulfil for a fantastic career

You can use the survey to filter factors that interest you. For example, if “Giving something back” is important to you and you want to work for a company with an international presence, you can filter the results of the ‘30 Best Big Companies’ to rank them for that factor. Lush, the handmade cosmetics company, ranks 6th for that filter. In a few seconds, you can find out some pretty in-depth intel about the company – (e.g. Lush now operates in 47 countries) apart from the fact that they make, well, lush stuff!

Other 30 Best Big Companies with a global presence include: McDonalds, EE, Atkins, EY, AXA, Toyota, Kuoni, Build-a-Bear, L’Occitane en Provence, Michael Page and Fossil Clothing.

And for women – International Women’s Day was only a few days ago – there is a Times Top 50 Employers for Women ranking which includes some well-known international brands such as Accenture, BAE Systems, Barclays, Citi, Deloitte, HSBC and Marks & Spencer

View the full Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For list online at


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