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Angloinfo World: Expat Life

The amazing benefits of being a virtual digital worker

March 6, 2017

We’ve asked our far-flung team of virtual Angloinfo editors to come up with some of the benefits they have experienced in their virtual working world…they gave us 12 good ones. Read on to see if they would be enough to turn your world from 9-5 office to virtual-sphere?

The amazing benefits of being a virtual digital worker

The Internet makes it possible to work virtually, and remotely, from any part of the world. From content writers in home offices on the French Riviera to Sir Richard Branson on Necker Island in the Caribbean…anything is possible with WiFI!

In ‘The pros and cons of expat telecommuting‘ we looked at the balance between the good and the bad of working part-time at home and part time in the office – a semi virtual existence.  We found that telecommuting can increase productivity, make people happier and lower overheads, but it can also lower motivation, lead to promotion being overlooked and potentially lower collaboration.

Although there are many people who do telecommute (work a few days a week at home or in satellite offices), the number isn’t as high as many commentators had thought it would grow to be.

However, the number of companies that now only employ virtual workers, either self-employed ones or employees, is growing, according to the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report.

The amazing benefits of being a virtual digital worker

Full-time, never in an office and only communicating via webcams, Skype, email, Tweets…is that something you’d enjoy?

Working in a virtual world allows you to choose where you work, away from the employer’s office or the client’s view. You could be based in a small home office, work from a coffee shop, from a beach terrace, or, just like Sir Richard, from a sunbed in the Caribbean … anywhere that has good Internet connectivity to keep in touch.

It takes discipline to work virtually. No one is watching – so you really could work all day in your pyjamas – but you still have to meet deadlines, attend web conferences (maybe those pjs aren’t a good idea!) and, in some cases, be part of a team.

The amazing benefits of being a virtual digital worker

Having said that, there are some great benefits of being a virtual worker. Here are 12 that Angloinfo’s virtual editors have come up with (some are more appealing than others!):

  • “I can go for a run whenever I like/when the sun shines and not wait until lunchtime or the end of the day.”
  • “I sell things on eBay too, so I can communicate with buyers during the day and post things I have sold anytime and not have to wait for the weekend.”
  • “Drs appointments? Whenever I like…”
  • “Deliveries: no need to stress about whether I’ll be in, because I nearly always am. (I help neighbours with their deliveries too.)”
  • “Shopping: If I need to go to the shops I can get in and out during “off-peak” times – especially helpful in the run up to Christmas.”
  • “I am at my most creative early in the morning. Being a virtual worker means I can work to own rhythm.”
  • “My washing never gets wet in the rain… I can hang it out and bring it in whenever I like.”
  • “My clothing/laundry costs are lower as I don’t need smart office wear.”
  • “I find it easy to fit in some voluntary work, and I also like to check on elderly neighbours.”
  • “I can be at home when my children come in from school (and then return to work when they have gone to bed if I need to).”
  • “I can take out my work frustrations on a conveniently hung punch bag!”
  • “I can live and work in places where other people pay lots of money to go on holiday!” (Feeling slightly smug.)

Are you a virtual worker? If so let us know what the benefits are for you on your favourite social media network:



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