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June 2015
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Angloinfo World: Expat Life

Who gives the best advice about overseas jobs?

June 8, 2015

Got burning work-overseas questions that employer manuals or how-to guides can’t answer? Read on to find out the best source of answers…

Accepting an overseas job offer could be the best thing you ever do

Making the decision to work overseas is a big one – whether going solo, with a partner or with your family. There will be moments of pure pleasure as you dream about your new job and adventure…and moments of pure terror too.

Being prepared for the big change, especially for first-timers, is really essential. Not just the obvious preparation – visas, passports, international removal companies, schools – but also the mental preparation, which can be hard to pin down and check off.

One of the best ways to mentally prepare is to listen to and read about working expats’ experiences…to tap into their expertise and advice. 

Last week @AngloINFO was a special guest of #JAchat ‘Living and Working Abroad’ Twitter discussion, organised and co-hosted by Pola (JettingAround) @jettingaround.

During the discussion, we asked the Twitter audience six questions about the advantages of working overseas, what the hardest part of being a working expat was and what extra-special bits of advice the expat audience could give. 

The following are some of AngloINFO World blog’s favourite answers tweeted by expats taking part on the discussion. (You can follow the whole discussion here or log into your Twitter account and search for #JAchat.)

What do you think are some advantages of living/working abroad?

  • @schwabframuc: Opening your mind to new cultures can lead to great career opportunities!
  • @travelwith2ofus: Basically to experience culture, food etc…but main reason higher paying jobs, incredible benefits
  • @TripperBlog: You see your home land w/ new eyes and that changes your perspective on everything, including yourself.
  • @laetitiabrock: You learn a lot about your own culture when you live away from it…I’ve never been more #French than now that I live in US

What do you think is the hardest thing about living/working abroad?

  • @JohannaTravels: Being away from the family. Missing food, Scandinavian white nights and Xmas time.
  • @LukeTravels: The language barrier was initially hard for me in Chile, and not having the same cultural references led to misunderstandings.
  • @GlobalBrunch: The first couple of months were the hardest. Sorting everything & being ill in a city you’ve never been to wasn’t great!

What other advice about living/working abroad can you share?

  • @driveontheleft: It’s your responsibility to adapt to new country, not vice versa. Get over the initial frustrations and culture shock and enjoy
  • @DonNadeau: Simplify your life to the point that you don’t have to ask & depend on people at home doing things for you
  • @WandertheBlue: Make a point to stay connected but don’t stay too connected. Disconnect a bit w/ home & reconnect w/ somewhere new!


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