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An Introduction To...

An Introduction to US and UK TV services available in Mexico

January 27, 2017

The AngloINFO Blog Team, together with Tom Ryan, Director at, has put together this summary of UK and US TV services available in Mexico City.

Most readers of this blog post will be aware that all the major Mexican TV channels – available via cable, satellite, or “free to view” regularly broadcast English language programs. Such programmes (mainly films and documentaries) on “free to view” are almost invariably dubbed, whereas on the satellite (Sky and Dish) and cable (IZZI, Telmex and Axtel) networks English language news programmes are available, as are movies, documentaries, and many other genres. English language news is almost always broadcast in English, but for other genres where other programme was originally produced in English it may be dubbed or subtitled. Different networks allow the viewer different levels of control over the language of the programmes audio track, whether dubbing into Spanish is activated, and the language of subtitles.   

For expats in Mexico there are many choices for in home TV entertainment.  Sky TV Mexico (not to be mistaken with UK Sky TV) is one of the larger suppliers of paid television through satellite. Their service offers premium choice television with the majority of programs, sports and movies shown in Spanish.

Many expats (both US and UK) look for alternatives with English speaking programs. The UK equivalent of Sky in Mexico is only available through satellite in Europe however with internet TV becoming more popular UK and US TV products are now becoming available throughout the world. Now TV, Netflix and Apple TV are some of the more popular services and products available to customers now in Mexico.

Here I will look at some of the features and benefits of some new products now available to UK and US expats offering the very best in English speaking TV viewing.

Sky Go – View on up to 2 mobile devices, tablet, mobile or laptop. You can view over 40 of Sky UK’s premium channels including Sky Sports, Sky Cinema and entertainment channels like Fox and Sky Atlantic, the home of HBO programs.  This service is widely available to be purchased with a free VPN . VPN or Virtual private network is a software solution which allows UK services to be used anywhere in the World without geographical restriction. This means that for usually under MXN $450 per month customers can view this service on the go anywhere. Only 2mg download speed is required. 

Now TV – If you would prefer to view Sky TV through your television then Now TV offers this solution. This service is usually only available in the UK however with a special VPN internet router you can subscribe to Sky through Now TV anywhere in the World. Add Sports, Movies and entertainment channels on a pay as you go basis without a contract from only MXN $180 per month. Massive amount of catchup, On Demand movies and hundreds of series box sets to choose from Now TV is a great option for expats in Mexico. The Now TV box is a great, cheap way to view UK and US television in Mexico with their cheapest box under £15.00 (available to buy in the UK only). The Now TV app is available on Roku if you are unable to bring the box back from the UK. 

Apple TV – Apple’s popular TV streaming box offers high quality streaming and high end user interface. You can add Apps like Now TV, Netflix and more using an Apple ID and one of our VPN routers. The Apple TV box starts at MXN $3,599. Buy it online or in Apple stores. 

Roku – Similar to Apple , when used with a VPN router you can add apps and channels but without the restrictions of the Appstore. Now TV, Netflix , BBC iPlayer and ITV player can all be added. The Roku streaming stick starts at MXN $849.

Chromecast – This is a unique way of connecting to your television from your laptop, tablet or smartphone. There are no apps and essentially the Chromecast acts as an HDMI cable, but without the cable. You can cast Chrome tabs from your laptop, mirroring whatever you are currently watching. Some online TV services such as Netflix and BBC iPlayer have a ‘casting’ tool built in. Your laptop, tablet or smartphone acts as a remote, controlling the Chromecast. They are available for MXN $899. 

To use these systems, it’s likely you will need a VPN. There are several VPN services available online to choose from, although it is likely that to have unlimited use you will have to pay a monthly fee, which are often low. With some systems, for instance Roku, which know which country you are watching from, you’ll need to change the DNS settings on your router and block Google DNS. The reason for this is that apps with casting built-in, such as Netflix, play on your TV and essentially are downloaded straight from the internet – location services can see that you are not in the US or UK and will block you playing that programme. Services such as Overplay can give you settings for your router which allow you to watch international TV on your television. 

Have you found any other devices for watching international programmes on your television? Let us know in this discussion forum!




by The Angloinfo Mexico City Blog Team. Find out more about The Angloinfo Mexico City Blog Team here.