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February 2017
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A View of Cyprus

Between Two Ancient Cities…

February 18, 2017

To the east and west of Limassol, lie two ancient cities, Amathus and Kourion. To the west of Limassol on the road to Paphos, is Kourion. Visible remains date from the Hellenistic period, Roman and early Christian periods. Mosaics and the remains of columns can be viewed. The Romans built sumptuous villas, including some superb mosaics around Paphos and Kourion is characteristic of the effect, where near the temple of Apollo Hilates, baths were built along with inns for pilgrims, a treasury and a stadium. Kourion Amphitheatre offers spectacular views of the sea below and excellent acoustics. In the summer months, performances are held there with great success. It once sat six thousand people in seven tiers.

Amathus lies just north of the main coastal road of Limassol. So far a huge agora has been uncovered, a Christian basilica, an extensive sluice system and houses. What lies hidden underwater is vast. When the Amathus Beach Hotel was being built, tombs were discovered and there are remains of harbor walls under the sea. The Limassol District Archaeological Museum exhibits finds from both these two ancient sites.

History and the past echo in what remains of these two ancient cities, where life rolled by and communities were created and which make up a great part of this island’s deep history and rich culture. Limassol lies in the middle, between two ancient cities of flourishing civilizations.

by Marieangela. Find out more about Marieangela here.

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