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January 2017
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A View of Cyprus

Limassol Walking Tour

January 15, 2017

If you need something to get you out of the Christmas lethargy of eating and drinking too much, why not go for a walk? The walk is free and happens every Monday morning at 10 o’clock from the Tourist Information Office at the old port entrance, near the small roundabout.

On a sunny Monday morning I found myself there, ready to absorb information about Limassol. I was amongst a group of tourists on a cruise, who had stopped off in Limassol for the day. Our guide was George who greeted us hospitably and was brimming with information about Limassol, its history and cultural background and explained to us where the name of Limassol derived, meaning between, as Limassol is situated between two ancient towns.

Our first stop was the Marina with breathtaking sea views and a replica of the Kyrenia ship harbouring close by. We crossed the road towards the Castle and Carob Mill and discovered that Cyprus is seeped in history and the Castle and the surrounding area are testament to this, with remnants of the ancient town still evident and which according to George even had Roman baths!

The walk highlighted the beautiful architecture that the town of Limassol has, buildings built in the 1920s and earlierĀ  and now restored to their former glory. One such is the town hall.

The old market although quiet when we visited, offered delectable treats to buy, such as halloumi cheese, carob juice and ‘shoushouko’, the sweet made with grape juice and nuts.

The recent development of the Technological University was another highlight as we visited its lecture theatres all under an impressive building and courtyard and the university library, named in honour of the great Cypriot poet and national treasure, Vasilis Michaelides.

Our tour ended on the piers with beautiful views of the coast and buildings on the seafront and made me feel very lucky that I lived in such a beautiful town, seeped in history. For more information about Limassol guided walks and to make bookings, you can call 25362756.

by Marieangela. Find out more about Marieangela here.

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