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This blog looks at local education and how alternative pedagogy and progressive educational philosophies can retool schools for the 21st century. More Info

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March 2017
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A Lighthouse for Education

A Lighthouse for Education

Totem Pole Law

February 7, 2014 by Costa

Grabbing Paul by the lapel of his shirt so as to slow him down was never going to endear the two young footballers. Paul instantly spun on his burning heals,… Read more…


June 11, 2013 by Costa

Creativity has always been an essential part of human nature yet most of us rarely feel or act creatively. This is not only due to the power of habit, our… Read more…

Categories: Education, progressive

When is bullying not bullying? And do we bully bullies by punishing them?

April 8, 2013 by Costa

“Gimme your sandwich before I kick your teeth in.” This probably qualifies as the sort of fiendish behaviour most of us associate with that ugly term bullying.  But having spent… Read more…

When the teacher is a lizard…

March 11, 2013 by Costa

Stampeding into my office like a herd of rowdy buffalo the kids circled my chair all talking at once displayed with hoof-proof pride their new project. That’s when I knew… Read more…

Categories: Education, progressive

Teaching Creativity the Fun Way

February 25, 2013 by Costa

So what happens when you take a small group of 6-8 year olds and let them design and play their own game, free to ad lib and throw in all… Read more…

Categories: Education

Out of the can and into the can-do

February 14, 2013 by Costa

Welcome to the what’s-going-on-in-cutting-edge-education in Cyprus diary…    Today’s entry is about the trials and epiphanies of facilitating a creative thinking and problem solving class here in Cyprus when to my knowledge there… Read more…

Categories: Education

Education’s worst enemy may be its own ‘success’…

April 4, 2012 by Costa

One of the world’s most renowned educational advisors, Sir Ken Robinson: makes an elegant, justified argument that the narrow-mindedness of traditional schools is killing creativity and uniqueness. By gripping onto… Read more…

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