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This blog is about the children, and me. Why? Because together we are a cheerful bunch, encountering all kinds of adventures, trying to show a shelter can be a happy place, a loving and happy home. More Info

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March 2017
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A Home Instead of an Orphanage


My name is Ingrid, but the kids call me mama Ingrid. There was a time that I desperately prayed to have children. I love children, and not to have kids seemed unbearable to me. Now, eight years later, I have two adopted daughters, and nine children in my orphanage.

Before setting up my orphanage I did all kinds of jobs. In Leiden, the Netherlands, I worked as a preschool teacher first, then studied educational psychology, and got my PhD in Social Science. Here in Jakarta, began working at universities as docent child development but, missing the little kids, I got a job as preschool teacher at the Dutch international school.

A lot of the knowledge and skills I acquired doing these different jobs I can use in my activities in running the shelter for abandoned babies and toddlers.

But please, don’t think that we have a regular, and boring schedule in our home, as every day holds one surprise or more, we have fun and do silly things. Days are filled with typical family-events, sibling quarrels, and cheers when one of us has learned something new. A lot of funny anecdotes I already describe on our social media pages, but I love sharing these stories and more with you in my blog. Hoping to get the word out an orphanage can be a happy place for children to live, it is possible to give them a good quality of life, and if any of my colleagues picks up on my experiences even better. They might want to do the same.

Having a lot of kids in your care is a blessing, and so much fun. It is so rewarding to see them do well, and prosper. So now my prayers are filled with gratitude to be given these children under my wings. Hope you enjoy reading about our lives, as much as we enjoy living it!